Saturday, September 3, 2016

Second section of Graffiti for the garage

Almost have the side of the garage graffitied, too. This section will be a 5 row quilt. i have 3 rows up so far.

My wonderful son came out and filled in the doorway for me so i would have a good surface to attach my boards to. When he was taking a picture of what he did, he said he took another look at the first graffiti boards and figured out it wasn't just a random bunch of 'stuff'. hahahaha  he said he has never really looked at it from a distance to see what it was.  men!!


Three rows up...2 to go

bottom 3 rows.jpg

The top 2 will be the same shapes and colors as the bottom 2

bottom 3 close.jpg

Red and yellow for the bottom triangles. 

red and yellow R.jpg

I tried to put the same things in each section around the edges

red and yellow close.jpg

Second row orange and blue row of diamonds. All orange sections are basically the same, except for small things. 

orange and blue L.jpg

This is the right side

orange and blue R.jpg

Sometimes it was a little tricky to get things the same if the size wasn't exactly the same.

orange and blue close 1.jpg

Usually the middle section was a bit smaller or larger. I wasn't too worried about exact when i was cutting and drawing. haha

orange and blue close 2.jpg

Middle row is pink and purple stripes. In hindsight I shouldn't have cut it in half....but the first design choice wasn't what i went with, so the middle stripe got cut in half. 

pink and purple L.jpg

Right side

pink and purple R.jpg

You can see in the Larry picture that there is no grass and a pile of rocks. For some unknown reason, that corner was covered in rocks and then let grass (mostly weeds) grow over it. well, when the yard guy goes zooming around there in his zero turn mower, he usually whacks a rock up against the graffiti and knocks something off. the last 2 times i went down there, i was gluing something back up. so, my solution was to pull all the weeds out of that corner in about a 6 foot area and rake all those rocks into a pile.....away from the grass. i hefted about a dozen buckets of rocks to a new location until my back screamed quit. so, the rest of the rocks are still piled there for another day. hopefully, that solves the problem with the yard guy.

One more trip and this section of garage will be finished for the year. I am letting it 'weather' over the winter to see if it survives the elements. If it survives, then i will do the next side. If it doesn't survive....well, i glued a bunch of stuff for nothing....and learned a lesson.   hahahahaha   but it was fun either way.

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Vicki W said...

Ahhh, dudes. They seem to frequently miss the big picture! I am also anxious to see how it winters over.

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