Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Leather Sampler

Here is the finished product. I am in love with leather....thank you Cathy Wiggins. (perhaps i shall blame you later..haha)  And thanks to Uncle Johnny who had a thin piece of calf hide that i could practice on.

It quilted up without a problem. It is about 16 x 21". 


The first set of individual blocks...

It is surprising how leather works in an embroidery machine, with a regular domestic sewing machine, or with a longarm....as long as you use a leather needle it's all good. 

And using the leather dyes is so easy. If you put 2 coats of dye, the color is darker than with 1 coat. 


This started out with 4" embroidered leather blocks. I just stitched the cross stitch outline on the embroidery machine and then painted the sections with leather dye.

hearts and star.jpg

This is all from one piece of calf skin that i got from Uncle Johnny....except for the black leather binding and hangers. 

little squares.jpg

Sewed through 2 layers of leather when attaching sashings without a problem.


Quilted up without a problem....through one or two layers of leather. I used So Fine black thread on the top and bobbin. First I just quilted over the lines where I sewed the sashings on. Then I thought it needed a bit more and quilted something in the middle of each block. Then i thought the border needed a little something, too....so I put some arcs there. I had a ruler for that.

star in square.jpg

The back is just a piece of black fabric and the batting is a piece of something I had leftover from another project.


And a close up of the back..

Cut 3/4" strips of black leather (from the expensive leather that I bought at Tandy Leather) for the binding and the hanging strips. I just folded the leather over the edges and sewed them down. First did the top and bottom, then the sides. I didn't attempt any mitered corners on this one. ... maybe next time.

I believe the next leather experiment with be an elephant....on black leather. wish me luck

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