Tuesday, September 13, 2016

#Its better in Leather

Yes, you can use the embroidery machine on a piece of leather. you can't clamp the leather in the hoop like you do fabric, so i cut out a block and taped it to the stabilizer. worked like a charm. but when i pulled off the tape, it also pulled a bit of the stain from the leather.

I used a crazy quilt design from Julie's Needle Designs and just did the lines that cover the edges where you would put the piece of fabric to applique. and i embroidered the snowflake in the one space....should have done that in black, too. i am learning that colors just blend into leather....black works best.

I am thinking if i dyed the patches first, then embroidered the edges, it would be cool.

Now i am going to do another block....put backing fabric on it....and batting in the middle...and try it again. i am pumped.  I think i need to go to Tandy Leather tomorrow....a 2 hour drive from here....and get some dye and glue and check out their leather.  hahaha

This is FUN!

#Its better in leather

crazy quilt block with snowflake.jpg

OK....I tried another block. this is a 4" cross stitch block....i have 12 different blocks. might have to make a wall hanging. haha

I put batting in this one


And after embroidery, i added a piece of fabric to the back


The Lone Star block


My head is going to explode with ideas. haha

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