Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Leather Horse Scene #itsbetterinleather

OK....quilting is finished....painting, i'm not sure is finished....how to finish it...???

I'm thinking I want to mount this on a board .... maybe a board in the shape of Texas. and put those little metal round things around the edges.

My son drew the design for me. if he wants this, i will let him have it.


The overall size...at its widest points....is 29" wide and 28" tall.

close 1.jpg

Uncle Johnny leather is rougher than Tandy leather....it makes my thread shred. 

close 2.jpg

Thank you for Peggy and Jean and Riley and all who offered advice and encouragement. 

close 3.jpg

I am a little amazed ... no one said i was insane. haha   thank you

close 4.jpg

So, what do you think about the tree?  should i dye the tree green? somehow, i think that would be too much color. 

close 5.jpg

It wants to curl up ... which is one reason i think it would look good mounted on a board.

close 6.jpg

The back is a piece of thrift store fabric from the stash. If you look closely, you can see the word "wrangler" all over it.


And a closer look

back close.jpg

Top threads were Glide black for the vertical lines ... stitched twice; Glide Sienna for the outline... stitched many times; Bottom Line Taupe for the horizontal lines, stitched twice; Bottom Line Med. Brown for the bobbin. I used 4 bobbins.

It was a fun one to quilt...but,

..i hate that hindsight thing.....i should have made the large horse black and the tree dark brown.
..the marker that i used on part of it...from Tandy Leather....does not come off. i tried to cover it with thread, but where i didn't get it all....you see white/silver spots. dye does not cover it either.
..using really fat batting is WORK!

I seem to learn a bit with each piece....perhaps after another few pieces, they will come out wonderful. haha

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Vicki W said...

Very, very nice!
BTW, I want to thank you for being one of two friends that I'm still following on FB. One politics is mentioned I unfollow. How people think that their opinion is so valuable that they have the ability to persuade people by calling "the other half" stupid is beyond me. My FB is still a happy place with my 2 remaining friends!

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