Monday, September 19, 2016

Grandma's Country Album, a Robert Callaham pattern

Finally, I got this quilt off the's been on there about 3 weeks. I finished piecing it January 16, 2014. It started out at 96x100, but after quilting is now 92x96. I used a very thick batting....which gave me issues in itself, but i wanted to see how it would look. This was hand appliqued with felted wool. I am happy to be finished with it but I do love how it looks.

It is a Robert Callaham pattern...i have done 3 of his. He likes to challenge you.


There are always birds...


birds 2.jpg

And lots of flowers....

block 1.jpg

Some of the purple markings have not all faded away yet...mainly because parts of it was rolled up and air didn't get to it. 

block 2.jpg

This block got piecing and applique..and crazy quilt blocks in the corners.

block 3.jpg

I don't remember how many 2 inch squares made up the sashings...i think over 500...they all got CC.

block 4.jpg

There is usually a heart block... I like the way the thick batting makes the applique stand out more. 


This time there was a pineapple...


And there is usually a vase... I did the same meander in all the borders around the blocks.




Sometimes I quilted over the applique in this block, because the center pieces were larger. But, mostly i just quilted around them. But i did put a vein in each leaf.

corner 2.jpg

And there were 2 pieced blocks....round, pieced blocks....challenging for sure...


pieced 2.jpg

The back is a muslin


A couple of back close ups...

back border.jpg

I like this scribble background fill. I stole that idea from Cathy Wiggins in her leather work.

back scribble.jpg

I did different background fills for each block.

Thread used was Glide off white for the top; So Fine #407, beige for the bobbins. I used 25 bobbins on this quilt. Most i think i have ever used. I did use Glide Jade to sew down the binding. Normally, i would use the same thread that i used to quilt it, but i didn't want the off white to be so glaring on the dark green binding.  The binding is the same fabric as the little skinny green border.


Now that this is finished and the frame is empty, i am going to play with some leather. Stay tuned.

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