Friday, September 16, 2016

#itsbetterinleather Last view until finished

OK...this is the last time you will see these blocks until they are finished and all constructed into an awesome wall hanging. 

I learned...
..i can't really paint these with a foam brush...the spaces are too tiny...even if i do trim the foam down. I used an artist's brush with much better luck's harder to paint cross stitch lines than it is to paint straight stitched lines
..even though i only have 3 colors of, dark brown, and light get more colors depending on if you use 1 coat of dye or more.
..this is FUN
..if there are imperfections on the in the lone star block...dye will not cover it up
..a lot of embroidery stitches in the corners of the dresden plate type block...tends to make the leather curl up is really, really hard to pull out the stabilizer in these tiny spaces...some of them got left in there

But, i am having a blast doing this. I have 6 more blocks to make. Once they are all assembled into a wall hanging, i will share the final product.

I thank Cathy Wiggins for getting me started in leather, and all the awesome leather people along the way who are sharing their expertise, photos, encouragement and advice.







If you haven't tried quilting....or embroidery .... on leather, i encourage you to give it a shot. All you really need is a leather needle and a piece of leather. 

Go for it!!

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