Monday, July 4, 2016

My son's creations...from his stash of 'junk'

My son is making a patio table and chairs for his buddy. and is adding fun embellishments.

So far, there is...

a replica of their fishing boat....complete with seats that turn and a propeller and motor that turn.

boat with seats.jpg

A flower with a dragonfly

flower with dragonfly.jpg

A seahorse and sea urchin

seahorse and sea urchin.jpg

And, the latest additions....made from uncle johnny inheritance

Flower #1

flower #1.jpg

Flower #2

flower #2.jpg

And, butterfly


He says it is much easier to make things, now that he has tons of stuff to work with from the uncle johnny inheritance.  we may never get him out of the garage.

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Vicki W said...

Cool! I love that dragonfly!

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