Monday, July 11, 2016

Garage Graffiti .... half installed

I had a truck load of graffiti boards, so it was time to go out to the Duck and install. i brought my son with me so he could advise on covering up the window that was there....i didn't want to break it. His advice was to just take it out and board up the that is what we (he) did.

took out window.jpg

covered up window outside.jpg

I had 10 pieces finished, so i have the bottom half installed.

first half.jpg

I was trying to cut as few pieces as possible, but i used 1/2 inch plywood and that is heavy. so, i had to recut some larger pieces into smaller pieces. in hindsight....which is always good, right?....i just should have cut it into the blocks of the quilt. oh, well, it still worked. 


A few close ups

close 2.jpg

close 3.jpg

close 4.jpg

I don't know why i don't have more red pics, i guess i didn't think they were that interesting. 

close 5.jpg

close 6.jpg

You know i have to put some words in rhyme or reason...just using up pieces.

words yellow.jpg

yellow close 1.jpg

This one might be my favorite.

green rabbit.jpg

It will probably take a couple weeks to finish the pieces for the other half. but i'm working on it.

Oh, and just like in have to start a new project before you are finished with the last, i started the lego chimney in the living room.

chimney bottom legos.jpg

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