Wednesday, January 19, 2011

An Amish of three

Last night i finished my first (of 3) Amish cross stitch pictures. it looks so much better after you put the outlining stitches on it. 

It took me one month and one day to finish it. .... dec 17 through jan 18.  i didn't work on it EVERY night....but most nights. my timeline was from 9pm to 1 or 2 am. 

This one was fun and i got it done quicker than i expected it would. looking forward to the other 2 parts. it is 7" x 12". i didn't count the stitches...that would have been too depressing. LOL there is another picture this size and then the middle picture is wider. all 3 together make an Amish scene.

 Here are a couple closer pictures...not sure that helps or not.

I sort of fudged a little. when you look at the little boy who is sitting on the quilt...his hat is sort of squared off instead of rounded. i was supposed to do half stitches on the corners to correct that but thought it wouldn't matter if i skipped that part and just chose one stitch or the other. his does matter. LOL   i'll try to do better on that in the next picture. i thought i would mess it up trying to get 2 colors in one block but i better try it next time. but the picture is for my own enjoyment and i don't mind.

I don't know quite why but i am drawn to Amish pictures and stories. i guess it's just the idea of a simpler time.

Do you cross stitch?


sam said...

This is beautiful already ... and will be awesome when you complete the other two pieces. I no longer cross stitch by hand, but used to do lots and lots of counted cross stitch pieces. I loved it and am so pleased I got to have that experience.

MaryAnn said...

OMG!! Girl you are on a roll!! You did that quick! I pulled a project out a few days ago, after reading about yours. Haven't touched it yet!! At least I thought about it and got it in view.LOL

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