Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sunbonnet Sue goes International

I just found this cool book by Debra Kimball....International Sunbonnet Sue. there are 49 applique Sues from all over the world. this might be my next project....soon.

This book just came out and is published by AQS. go look at it for yourself. if you are a Sue're gonna NEED this book.

It's like Sue took a world she is in Brazil, Canada, China and Egypt. i have the perfect fabric for the Egypt block.

Then she visited Ghana, Greece, Holland and Iceland. I hope i still have some African fabric left for the Ghana block.

She also went to Japan, Kenya, Korea and Mexico. gotta love a world traveler. LOL

I so want to start this NOW....down, girl....i have a few projects i have to finish up first. ssiiiigghh!!

But isn't she too cute?

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