Wednesday, July 31, 2013

July Git 'Er Done Challenge Completed

It's time to check in with Judy over at   and show that my July challenges were finished and report what my August challenges are. 

1.  Quilt red and white 4 patch top....DONE

2.  Piece ABC123 blocks into a top ....  DONE

3.  Piece red, white and blue strip blocks into a top....DONE  although this wasn't done as large as i first thought i was going to make it.....i'm saying this is good. done is good.

4.  Piece disappearing 16 patch blocks .... DONE

So, that means in July i actually quilted 1 top and added 3 more to the to-be-quilted cabinet. not exactly a way to get ahead.....but it is using up the stash. 

My 4 projects for August are:

1.  Quilt my friend Brenda's top. she wants to put it in a show in October. i've had it a week or more and so far it is still sitting on the table where i set it. sigh!!  i actually went to the studio yesterday to load it...and never touched it. i NEED to load that top.....then perhaps i will get it quilted. 

2.  Finish piecing my Alphabet Square blocks. i think i have 12 of the 26 letters done ....want to get all the pictures that i have fused onto the squares. i'll be searching for more pictures. this one will be a great challenge. a few of the letters have almost no pictures....i'm on the hunt. got any unusual pictures you want to trade with me? B and C are the only 2 letters that are completely finished.

3.  Paper Piece more veggie blocks. i have a book with patterns for lots of vegetables. i did a few some time back...tomato, corn, eggplant, bell peppers, etc.  need to finish those up. probably about 12 vegetables left to do. these are rather difficult to do. i guess that is why i gave them up. 

4.  Piece my Album of Memories top. i have about half of the blocks done. this is the pattern

here is the center

this is one of the blocks.  it was tough. i have 7 blocks finished so far....the top 3, the 3 on the right side, and the one in the middle of the bottom row. they are a bit complicated...lots to do. most blocks are a combination of piecing and applique...but i am fusing it is do-able.

I am still on wish me luck to continue in that vein. August will be canning tomatoes that will suck a lot of time. but i'll be working it. who's with your challenge list getting done?


Melanie's Quilting said...

Your pictures are wonderful! Great job with you July list. I have a bunch of tomatoes to pick also but I'm not sure I have enough to can. :)

The Colorful Fabriholic said...

Great job with your July goals. Your August list sounds very ambitious - good luck!

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