Friday, July 26, 2013

New auction site

We found a new auction site for Tuesday nights and decided to check it out.

My is much better than our neighborhood Monday night auction. more vendors .... more and better merchandise.

We bought a few things....125 ears of sweet corn for $4....jim got a fishing tackle box filled with lots of goodies for $ some chocolate for $1.75 for a baggie with Hersheys and Reeses.

But what i am most proud of are these 2 metal decorative dress forms. This one is sitting up on top of a closet...near the ceiling. it is about 36" tall. i love the way the bottom of the dress looks like it is blowing in the breeze.

This one is a bit fancier. it is 28" tall. it lives on top of a bookcase. 

I believe these are my new collectibles now. i have 4 of the metal ones and 6 wooden ones. i don't see them very often so i was very pleased to find them at the auction. i had to fight a lady for them....big time. 

I'm thinking this will be where you find me now on Tuesday Leesburg at the auction at the Eagles.

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