Wednesday, July 17, 2013

RWB strip blocks

This completes my 4th thing on my to-do list for July. 

Red, white and blue strip blocks. i was thinking flags when i created them. in my head there was a different setting....but decided i didn't care for it became this.

Right now i am thinking it doesn't need a border....but i might change my mind later...before it gets quilted.  it is about 48" x 56" right now. 

It is just 1 1/2" strips sewn on a foundation. i made the blues less than half of the square. so the pattern is 
symmetrical...kinda.....just a little off. it adds interest. 

I might make it larger...who knows....i still have some of these fabrics. but i am bored with it right now and calling it done. 

Off to the Duck tomorrow to try and put up some more barn wood on the walls. and pick up more buckets of mulch. it is awfully hot out who knows how much i will really accomplish.

See you next week.

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Vicki W said...

Nice quilt! I can't wait for another Duck update.

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