Monday, September 30, 2013

September Git 'Er Done challenge .... done

It took till the last day of the month for me to finish the challenges this month. but i guess that doesn't matter .... as long as they get done. i had my doubts for a bit there.

September's list was:

1.  Make the mini quilt for my sister for her present....done

2.  Finish last 3 blocks on the Robert Callaham quilt, Album of Memories... done. there are:

a.  Beth's Bountiful Bouquet .... i especially like that container

b.  Shattered Star

c.  Sweetheart Wreath .... why do people who have applique patterns love to have hundreds of little circles to cut out? if i made patterns .... there would be NO little circles. just sayin'

Now i just need to get them together with sashings and borders.  hopefully before the end of the year.

3..  Make some kind of top out of the 6 folk art type blocks that i found in my studio ....  done.  this is the sucker that took till the last hour to finish.  it was those large 8" paper pieced flying geese in that border.  it looks rather wonky hanging and i'm hoping it is just because i don't have a lot of clips holding it up. although that salmon colored fabric was something weird. found it in my stash. when i was finished with this....i threw the rest of it in the trash. it is now in the to-be-quilted cabinet.

4.  Quilt my sister's Baltimore album quilt ....  done.

Now for October's list. i have spent hardly any time in the studio in months. i have decided to make it easier on myself and change my list to non-quilting things. things that need to get done. if i put them on the list then i can't procrastinate any longer. so october's git 'er done list includes:

1.  trim the apple trees. i didn't do this last year and they desperately need it.

2.  dye my t-shirts that have been sitting in the closet waiting for me for like 2 years.

3.  pressure can my cushaw squash. i used my pressure canner for the very first time last week to can pumpkin and found out it was easy so i am anxious to get my cushaw canned. I have about 20 huge cushaw....average 20#. i don't expect to can them all. i am going to try and store some of them over the winter and see if i can get them to survive. but i will can about half of them.

4.  eBay....get my studio cleaned out of extra quilts, thread, fabrics, notions, etc. and get them on eBay to sell. i've been talking about doing this for months. another good thing to be on the list.

So, the year is getting closer to being over and so far i have completed my lists every month. let's hope october is no different.  keep your fingers crossed for me ..... and i'll cross mine for you.


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Sharon - IN said...

Wonderful finishes! Love the applique blocks. Sounds like a fun October with variety - quilters need to eat too! And cleaning out to make room for what you really like is important too! LOL my sewing area needs attention - too many piles!

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