Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Alphabet 9 Patch

A couple times a year....i look around my studio...and say.....good did all this mess happen?

So, i get out my organizational gene and get busy.  i am working hard to get the UFOs finished....but apparently not hard enough.  i went through all the UFO boxes.....sent several things to the thrift store....put several back in the stash and forgot about the project.  when all was done....there are still 32 UFOs waiting for me.

So, i gave them all a number....and asked hubby to give me a number from 1 to 32.  he picked 31....crap!!   that is a tough one. hahaha   when i numbered them....i gave them all either 1, 2 or 3 stars.  1's were the easiest to finish....and 3's and hardest.  naturally, #31 was a 3 star.

But, here it is 4 days later.....and #31 is no longer an UFO.. you can see that F and W are a bit different. that is the direction i was going originally. but those were the only 2 blocks that were finished. so, i decided that done was better than i went with plan B.

I used fabrics that could be turned over to use the back side. so i could make the 9 patch a bit interesting. and a few letters don't have all their pictures sewn on yet. but that is all i could find in my stash of novelties....even after scouring the pile 3 or 4 times. so, again....pieced is better than UFO.  i will eventually find pics for the missing spots. it will have to wait to be quilted until i fill all the empty spots.

I did the vowels in gray and the rest in red.

There is my usual unfocused shot.  haha

I used several different alphabet there are different styles. and most things are just from regular fabrics.

This is how i started out.....with the F. there was to be the letter in the middle...and i cut out each individual piece. but if i had continued in that vein...i would still be working on it.  i started out fusing.....but sewed around all of them. it was a bitch to sew around all those little things on the F other blocks were cut out much simpler.

I's are hard to find. that top left pic is case you couldn't see it well.  

What exactly is a lemur. has anyone ever seen one? where are they from?

Is a newt the same as a lizard or a salamander?  they all look the same to me. and i have no idea what that N animal is in the top left block.

Never heard of Quoits either. you get an education making quilts sometimes.

I might have to put something over that pic in the top right. i call them thumb tacks....but i guess they are actually push pins.  sheesh!! do kids know these things? it cracked me up to find the old fashioned telephone. do kids know what that is?

A couple blocks have 2 they all fit easier.

Don't you love the Y that is yacht?  hahahaha  pretty funny

And, yes, that is an actual zipper that i put in there. the zipper fabric picture that i found was questionable as to what it was.

So, #31 is...for all practical purposes done. i am crossing it off the list even though it will still be out there....awaiting more things to fill in the empty spots.

I chose the next number to's my lucky number. but, it, also is a 3 star.  sigh!!

The goal.....a very, very lofty to get them all pieced by the end of the year. hahahaha   so, who needs to sleep.

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