Thursday, October 9, 2014

Wonky Houses

Along with all my piecing UFOs....there are several machine embroidery UFOs also.  this is one of those.

They are designs by Anita GoodDesign. i had finished 2 houses some time ago and finally got around to finishing the rest of them. there were 15 designs so i had to come up with a setting that would work. the house in the middle is the 'king' of the neighborhood. all the houses around him are his worker bees. hahaha

I like the way they designed them.  if you set them side by side....all the grass lines up.

Love this little owl on the roof. they are all applique so i used all my funky fabrics.

Every neighborhood needs a church.

And all the smoke coming from the chimneys comes out in heart shapes.

These clouds have rain in them. 

One house has a cow spot door.

This is the little old lady in the neighborhood...she like flowers

This one has a balcony...where is Juliet?

The rooster is cool

And a school for the kiddos...even an apple tree.

Did you spot the bird on the stair railing?

Just makes me want to paint the Duck all different colors. hahaha

This one reminds me of the old lady who lived in the shoe.

I had lots of fun with these. you don't always get to mix lots of geometric designs. 

Which house do you want to live in?

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