Tuesday, October 21, 2014

It's not too early for Christmas....is it?

Some one posted a thing on Facebook about a new-to-me machine embroidery shop.  well, i can't resist that.  so, i had to go and take a look.    oooohhhh....i see lots that i like.

But i just tried one thing to see how they turn out.  i got the Christmas Crazy Quilt set #1.....it is applique.

So far, i have stitched 2 blocks. I like applique blocks because you can use up scraps.

And i used some fabric that i no longer wanted to use for the foundation. since it all gets covered up with applique it doesn't matter what you use.

These are pretty cool, i think. there are 20 blocks. these are the 8" size. there are also 4", 5" and 6".

There is another Christmas Crazy Quilt set, too. i'll get that one next and i can add those blocks to these and make a larger quilt.  there is also a Halloween set that looks awesome. not all the blocks are out yet to get the whole set. but you can buy individual blocks if you don't want the whole set.

Go check them out.    www.mollymine.com   

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