Monday, October 20, 2014

The last of the barn wood

Well, the dining room walls are finished in barn wood...

And i have this much barn wood left over. 

So, i am cutting up pieces and putting them in the front entry way. this is how far i got the last time i was down there. 

So, i got the brilliant idea to bring the rest of the wood home to the farm......con Jim into helping me cut it up....and then sand it and paint it before i go back down to the Duck. then i will be ready to install it and it will be a breeze.  only took us a couple of hours to cut it all up. here i have it divided into 4 sections....because i have 4 shades of paint to pretty it up with.

This morning got everything all sanded. what a mess.

Then i got busy with the painting. those are the boards for the first color. 

I got the first batch painted. tomorrow i will do the next batch.

Then by the time i go back next week....all i have to do is glue it to the wall. saves me a couple days of prep work. 

Now if i can just find time to get out in the garden and finish that up for the year. i don't seem to be able to get everything finished in a day that i want to do. 

I may have to cut back on sleeping......and eating......and computer time. then i bet i have a lot more hours to work. hahaha

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