Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Some fun and some work

My sister and I went to a quilt show in Springfield, IL, for longarm quilters. I saw some amazing quilts....and lots of quilters' name that I knew. And ribbons on friends' quilts. A great trip.

Then I went to the Duck for a couple days. Last week, my son tore down a part of a roof for me... over the cubby hole. And I was left with this.... It took me a whole day to take off all those shingles and get them in the trash...and then take the boards apart and get them in the garage for future use. That was a job.

The cubby hole looked pretty sad without a roof....somehow it looked worse...

So, I spent some time painting that back garage wall. At least it is cleaner looking. haha    I am considering covering that with legos. Not sure what those bright spots are...perhaps something on the lens of the camera?

And I spread out the pile of rocks that was in there.

It's not wonderful....but it looks better than it did. And I hope it is less appealing for some wino to spend time in there...without a roof...and rocks on the ground.

And I have another graffiti plan....for a bedroom involves pictures frames. 
Stay tuned.

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