Saturday, October 15, 2016

Some roof destruction at the Duck

The last time I was at the Duck.....I found an empty quart whiskey bottle in the little cubby hole between my house and the garage. It was sitting there all pretty...on a napkin.  So, did some wino come by and decide this was a nice place to get out of the weather for the evening. Who knows. this is what it looked like before.

The junk is long gone....but it was a nice space...with a roof....out of the rain, wind, and eyes of the neighbors.

I want to dissuade any of that foolishness in the future, so my son and I took off the roof. I figured that will make the space much less desirable. So, now it looks like this. No to the elements. I have some rocks in there...I believe I will spread those out and plant some cactus in there. Should prevent any further malingering. I think I better put a coat of paint on that plywood on the garage before winter to prevent further rotting. might need a new gutter, too. hahahaha

We cut the roof in 4 sections and took it down. I will have to cut that up and get rid of it later.

Always something going on.

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