Saturday, October 15, 2016

Thrift store leather

I made a quick trip to the Duck so my son could help me with some roof work. that only took about an hour.  So, my sister and I did a few thrift store runs. I was specifically going to see if i could find anything in leather to use for quilting.

I think I did all right.

First stop.....little store downtown

Had to spend $30 for the red jacket and skirt

1st stop $30.jpg

2nd stop ....  a couple of pieces for $4.50 each

A cool gray jacket

2nd   $450     gray.jpg

And a brown vest that I looks like it is pieced. That will make a cool background piece

2nd   $450    brown vest pieced.jpg

3rd Stop.....all jackets were $4.99

I got a beige one...

3rd   $499    beige.jpg

And a brown one...

3rd   $499   brown.jpg

And this awesome coat...with a hood....and an yoke like piece in the back

3rd  $499  black hood.jpg

And an orange shirt for $2.99

3rd  $299 orange shirt.jpg

Next stop was a new shop we had never been in. it looked kind of expensive, but right inside the door was this nice yellow jacket for $4

4th stop   yellow  $4.jpg

And if that wasn't enough....we stopped one more place and I scored a purple coat for $4.  I like the white stitching in the back, although that will probably disappear in the de-construction.

5th   499   purple.jpg

5th  purple back.jpg

So, I got lots of colors....10 pieces...for about $70. and i think i will have lots of leather fun in the next few weeks. I am tempted to just take the current quilt off the frame and get on with the leather.....but i guess i really should finish quilting it. sigh!!!!

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