Friday, April 7, 2017

A slow quilting start this month

Here it is....a week gone already in April....and i haven't finished quilting anything yet.  I have a quilt on the frame....and it will be another 2 or 3 days before i am finished with it....then i can start my April UFO challenge quilt. it's a quilt with lots of stars and lots of white spaces. gotta come up with a good plan.

But, i have been busy.....i've pieced a few things this month already.

Mitosis... i am eager to quilt this one....but it might not happen this month.

Manasses .... this is my UFO Challenge quilt for it will get quilted next. i need a plan. it's the last quilt that my friend, Mary, designed for our class before she retired.

Signs of Spring .... i saw this somewhere....i think on MQR....and had to make one, too.

Birch Trees.... this came from a blog that i read occasionally. another one that i saw and had to make.

The mowing is starting....and the gardening is calling my name. so, there might not be much quilting this month.

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