Sunday, April 23, 2017

My embroidery machine

Baby Lock makes a pretty good little (actually, large) embroidery machine ... i have the Ellisimo.  i took it in for its TLC tune up and check up. they replaced 9 parts in there that they said were getting pretty worn out. 

It's the second time in its lifetime that it's been in for a check up. i think it's about 6 years old. the last check up, a few years ago, it had over 11 million stitches.  

Now, it has 31,107,781 stitches.   yep, that's millions. hahahaha

i really like my embroidery machine. it is stitching a snowman train now....that will be a border for a santa village. 

He always tries to get me to trade up to a 6 thread machine....nope, i like what i have and it works just fine, thank you very much.

Now...back to embroidering.  

Wonder if i can get to a billion stitches. hahahahahaha

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