Saturday, April 1, 2017

Slices of Life

I got this one done a couple days ago...another March finish.....but the computer was out of commission so i couldn't show you.  It is made with yellow and brown selvages.

The selvages are sewn onto strips of muslin. I finished piecing it on February 24, 2015.


I was trying to quilt a ribbon like thing.....i kind of got it for a row or two....but couldn't really wrap my head around how to do, i just gave up and did some curves. no sense getting a headache over it. haha


It is 76 x 88"  I did SID around the blue strips

close 1.jpg

The yellow pieces are sunny days of life...the brown pieces, days that are not so great. but, the yellow pieces far outweigh the brown. such is life... see, there is even a smiley face.

close 2.jpg

back is from the stash....more of the Christmas fabric from 2 years ago on sale at half off. I have lost count of how many backings i have made with it.


Thread was Glide Sienna for top and So FIne gold for bobbin


Every time i look in the to-be-quilted cabinet...there is another selvage quilt in there....they never end. you can just bury them with me ...ok?

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