Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A 103 year old treasure and more....

Here's just a bit of miscellaneous 'stuff' from my 3 day demolition weekend at the Duck.

While taking window frames off, this little postcard fell out. wonder how long it was behind that window frame and was it put there on purpose.

I think it is the cutest little card. It is dated 1908 by the post office stamp....was this a pin-up girl in those days? LOL  the address on the card just had the man's name and city....but the street name added as an afterthought on the bottom corner....no street number. yet it got to where it was going. and the postage was 1 cent.

I'm going to keep this little treasure. i have found all kinds of stuff in the walls...and continue to find cd's and numerous pennies and other things. when i opened up the walls between the living room and the bedroom i found rollers at the top which told me that there was another pocket door there at one time. but it was replaced with a glass door with inserts around it. i like the glass door but would have liked the pocket door even more. here is the glass doorway that is there now...there is a door, too, but i have removed all the doors into the garage for now.

My sister took my tiny 1" tiles from the bathroom floor to use at the beast in her bathroom. after working on it for the weekend, this is what she has now.

Aren't they cute? those tiny tiles look good the way she has them laid out. she is gluing them to a netting in rows and then gluing that onto the walls. that way she doesn't have to fit in each tile individually. smart woman.

Also, before i left i embroidered out this cute SunBonnet Sue Geisha.

There is a Samuri Fred to go with this Geisha. i hope to get him done soon. they will become a wallhanging for the studio.

Stay tuned for a few demolition pictures next.


Bessie said...

I can't believe how different your little tile looks on your sisters bathroom wall. Love them now- then not so much. Evidently I have no vision.

sam said...

Love, love love that glass door. Duck reminds me so much of my grandmother's house ... with the push button on/off switches after electric was installed. I can still "smell" her house. (sigh)

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