Monday, April 25, 2011

Wild Batik Baby Quilt

I was digging around today in the studio....looking for a project. and came across some fat quarters of bright batik colors and 2 half yard pieces.....all folded nicely together. i guess i meant to do something with them....but who knows what. i don't even know where they came from or how long i've had them.

So today seemed as good a day as any to cut them up and make something. i went into EQ and quickly designed a little quilt with simple blocks, a sashing and 1 border. i pieced all 24 blocks today. chain piecing helps it all go quickly.

And a rant....why can't machines all have a way to tell you when the bobbin is low. the only machine i have that does that is my embroidery machine. it stops, beeps, and gives me a message that the bobbin is almost out of thread. i want to trade all my machines in for ones that tell me i am almost out of bobbin thread. i was chain piecing away....getting all the final parts of the blocks together....i sew the last one and think....good, those are done. i go to pick them up and .... WHAT??....about the last 12 have no seams stitched...the bobbin ran out. i was really in the zone to not notice that. i need the bobbin police.

I had enough to cut 24 blocks from each FQ, so the quilt will have 24 blocks. i used each FQ color in the blocks.  in real life they are not so dark....and brighter.

This will be the sashing..i like lime green and pink together, don't you?

And this will be the border.

I have some bits and pieces left from cutting the blocks so there might be a scrappy border, too. or i might just put them all together and use them on the back.

I have to find a funky back. my baby quilts lately are getting all wild and bright looking.

Perhaps tomorrow i will tell you of my water drama. rain is not my favorite thing right now.

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