Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sweet Dreams

My embroidery machine has been busy. while i was quilting the O63 quilt....the embroidery machine was humming away with Sweet Dream blocks.

The background fabric is a pale yellow....although my sad picture taking abilities don't show that. the pattern had it stitched in all pastel colors of yellow, blue, pink and green. but i decided to do it all one color....a sort of salmon.

I think the first cousin to have a baby girl is gonna get this quilt. 3 young couples have been married now in the last any time this should be needed. i love the horse and the crib. the booties and the stork are so cute. hard to decide. i guess i like them all.

The embroidery machine gave me a message while we were stitching these out. "preventive maintenance is recommended"....when i looked that up in the book...hoping i just had to oil....but, no, it is due for a trip to the dealer for a spa treatment. so, while i am in will be all prettied up and ready to go again.

Sweet Dreams


sam said...

I love these! Your machine will so enjoy the spa date!

Anonymous said...

Hi Shirley,
I really like the designs done in monochrome (makes them a bit more classy). What m/c do you use? I just sold my Janome 300e on ebay and repurchased a 2nd hand Janome 11000 which has been upgraded to the SE version. Haven't got it yet, so can't wait. The thread looks like a mid magenta on my monitor; nothing like salmon!
ps you are making great progress at The Duck, glad to see you are getting some muscle help.
Cheers, Christine D (from mqr)

sam said...

shirley where did you buy these designs please??

MaryAnn said...

LOVE these designs!! Very cute!

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