Sunday, April 24, 2011

I bought 104

104 of of soup?........ bars of soap?........bottles of juice?....... hats?........ NOPE.....

104 Fat Quarters

There goes my stashbusting efforts. i have been so good for so long and then...boom....someone on MQR mentioned Marmalade Fabrics.   i went there....     oh...yummy

Did you know Moda has 221 different colors of plain colored fabrics?    Tammy at MF has 104 of them. and her price was awesome....and they were so delicious looking.  i caved and got them all....don't would have done the same thing.


A large flat rate box was STUFFED.   and each and every one has a little label on it with the name of the color. there are so many food colors.....avacado; celery; mango; tangerine; orange; lime; tomato; tarragon; mustard; berry......makes you hungry just looking. when they got here i spent an hour just folding and petting and drooling. and rearranging colors. LOL 

Tammy's customer service is top rate.....shipping is fast.....i got free shipping. plus you get 10% back for every $100 you i already have a $10 coupon for my next visit. she says she gets 5 or 6 new colors every couple weeks. so i am keeping an eye on her site so i can snatch up the other 100 colors. woopee!!    i am so baaad!! feels soooo good!....hahahahahahahaha

I think i am going to use them for a couple BOMs that i am doing this year. they will look great in the My Tweets BOM

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