Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Usually i don't name my quilts but i think this one needs a name. it's name is O63.  O is for orange...the color of the month for Judy's Monochromatic Challenge. and 63 for my age. and O63 is a valid Bingo number...i used Judy LaQuidara's pattern titled Bingo Whirl from her book titled Weekend Quilts. This pattern is quick and fun....i recommend it. here is Judy's quilt

Here is the front of mine. i took a couple of liberties from the actual pattern because of the amount of fabrics i had. mine is much more scrappy that Judy's is.

The blocks are so easy to piece...just rectangles. i would use this pattern again.

And i think making it scrappy worked, too. as long as there are only 2 colors in a block it gives the look of Judy's.

Love the pieced border. that, too, was quick and easy.

There were 6 borders on this quilt....but each added to the overall look and were necessary. i love how the striped border cuts off at the corners and seems to curve around.

The backing was a piece that i got from Wilma at her end of bolt sale. go check her out at    fabulous fabrics. and wonderful customer service. the piece i got wasn't quite large enough for this quilt so i pieced another piece of orange in the middle.

I loved this orange is so happy looking and i like the dots on it.

I quilted it with a pantograph called Blooming Feathers by Anne Bright. i use that one a lot.

All in all, i like my orange challenge quilt and love the pattern i used.

Now i have 10 days before i leave town to get the other challenge quilted up....#4. it's going on the frame today.

I think i want to go to the VFW.....O63...Bingo!!


Diane said...

orange is not my favorite color but I really like your quilt. I have Judy's book...will have to look this pattern up.

MaryAnn said...

I love this, so nice, bright, and cheery!

Cheryl Willis said...

very nice job, congrats on getting it finished. I am still plugging along on mine!

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