Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Block Rockin' and Grandma's Country Album

Grandma and Rock just doesn't go together. hahaha

But i finished Block Rockin' #5 .... Caldonia

And a small block for the Grandma's Country Album quilt from Robert Callaham. this one is called Aunt Nonie's Grapes.

I am about half done with the blocks for this quilt. while getting a few more blocks ready to sew this morning, i discovered that a magazine that i got doesn't have the pattern pull out section in it. so i am going to have to go and search for that magazine again. it seems folks are not checking before selling their goods. another magazine i got recently had not only the pattern pullout section missing but about 20 pages in the middle of the magazine. i guess i need to ask if the pattern section is there before buying. sigh!!   people say their magazine is in very good condition i am just assume it is all there. i'm being too trusting. 

Off to search for what i need.

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