Sunday, February 23, 2014

Grandma's Country Album I

This is another Robert Callaham quilt that was published in McCall's Quilting magazine years ago. it is Album I because there is a II .... and that is the one i am going to be working on next. 

This is about 72" square and has his signature 2" square blocks for sashings. i think i cut about 600 2" squares. 

And he loves those star blocks...with the set in seams.

The blocks were all fused and then i appliqued them down.

He sure likes those little circles, too.  lots of grapes and circles in the tree.

This one was done in all cotton fabrics.

More of those little circles and hundreds of little leaves in here, too.

A lot of nice spots for quilting, too.

This block didn't want to lay flat so it will have to be quilted down ... a lot. you would think that with all the set in seams i have done lately that i would be able to do them well....but it is not to be. sigh!!

I put the date on the album book so i'll have a record of when i did this.

The border went pretty quickly....even with these 3D prairie points.

The red border is not as dark a red as i would like...but it is the only red i had left that was enough for the border. some of this red was used in the body of the quilt, too, so i think it will be ok.

There is one more Robert Callaham quilt that i have left to do. it is the Album II.  i am going to do that one in wool felt. and i think i will use feedsacks for the background fabric. it has been fun to finish his quilts, but i will be ready to move on to another designer when i am finished with the next one. hahaha  i need a rest from set in seams and little tiny leaves and circles.

The to-be-quilted cabinet is now full so this will be the second quilt top in another cabinet. 

I did go over today and quilt for a couple hours on the quilt that is now on my frame. so, hopefully that one will be done within the week and i can start whipping out some of these quilts. it is getting pitiful to have 100 tops to be quilted. 

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Vicki W said...

That's a pretty quilt!

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