Sunday, February 23, 2014

More Block Rockin' blocks

I have finished another couple of the Block Rockin' blocks....only 3 more to go and these are all finished. i want to set them differently in a top but not sure how.....gonna think on that.

Here is Morrison. I know there is a Van Morrison....i think there is another one, too...but can't think of it now.

And this one is called Penny Lane....i believe that is a Beatles tune, right?  

Three more blocks to go.....then the job of putting them all together into something cohesive.  any thoughts on the setting? i want something different.

1 comment:

Julie Hirt - 627handworks said...

Oh, wow! I just saw that you are making these. I'm tuning in for sure to see what you do with them! I think they look awesome so far.

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