Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Pieceful Paisley .... a JoAnn's kit

A couple of months ago...when i was at the Duck....and got stuck in the snow storm....i stayed at my sister's for a couple days before i could get back home. i needed something to do so i went to JoAnn's to find a project. i had wanted to try hand piecing blocks for a quilt. so, i found this kit....leftovers from the previous year. but all the blocks and the setting kit were there, so i got it.

I hand pieced 3 blocks, the Windmill, the Log Cabin, and the Churn Dash. Then i decided....ok, i can do this if i want to....and it will look good...but if i don't want to take it with me when i die...then i better finish it by machine. so, here it is.

It is 82 x 100"..a nice size.  it is not the colors that i would have chosen, but it grew on me as i worked on it and now i like it.

Some blocks were applique and some just pieced.

This is the windmill....the first one i hand pieced.

And i hand pieced this log cabin.

This one is called Windowpane

I would not have finished the borders as they did.....but since it was a kit and all parts were already cut out...i didn't have much choice. i like the colored blocks border....they are 5" blocks. and i like the wide sashings....they are 5" also.  then they put that narrow 3 1/2" final floral border on there. that is the part i don't like. at least it should have been much wider.....or a different fabric all together...maybe one of those dark browns...or the orange. i say....done is good. and now i can say i have pieced a JoAnn's kit. woopee!! and i got it for 40% off ..... all good.

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