Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Farm Country

Yesterday i finished the last of 20 cute embroidered blocks from a CD by Anita Goodesign called Farm.Country Quilt. the blocks stitch out at 8".  there are 2 lines of stitching around the blocks to guide you in trimming them down to fit perfectly in your quilt.

Here is the whole top.

And some close-ups. 

At first i found it a bit strange that some of the blocks had pics of animals blown up to block size. but half of them were like that and it looks ok in the quilt.

It's amazing how the picture develops. the embroidery machine is just stitching scribbles.....and it comes out a lovely picture. their digitizers are great. 

Every picture depicts a farm somewhere that you recognize. 

I used a dark maroon colored thread and used a whole spool.

I think this is the first large animal block that i did and was a bit creeped out by the large rabbit. hahahaha

One more top squished into the to-be-quilted cabinet. there MIGHT be room for one more small quilt. i have already started putting more in another cabinet. i really, really need to get to quilting.

Wanna come over and quilt for me? hahahaha

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