Sunday, April 20, 2014

Colorful strippy diamonds

These blocks have been laying around for over a year. i would work on them for a bit.....then let them sit for months. finally decided i had enough of them and put them together yesterday.  it is about 80" x 90".

Each block has the same piece through the center....and a light on each side of that. then it was anything i pulled out of the tub. and i have a HUGE tub full of strips. enough for probably 50 more quilts. the strips are any width, any color. leftovers from bindings, etc.

They are sewed onto a foundation. it's a great way to use up fabrics i no longer want to use in a quilt. 

Now it is ready to be quilted......which we all know might be a year from now.

Or it could be tomorrow....who knows. it will probably get an allover quicky....some large meandering or large feathers.....who knows.

I'll think on it. and i have lots of thread to use, too. maybe a bright neon orange or yellow. 

What would you quilt on it?  what color thread?

If i like your idea it might inspire me to quilt it up tomorrow.

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