Friday, April 25, 2014

Empty spools so far this year

I like to keep track of how many thread spools i empty each year....i don't know why....just something silly to keep track of. anyhow.....i throw them all in a huge bowl in my studio as i get them emptied.....and today i had to empty out the was overflowing.

So far, this year i have emptied 175 spools.  i'm not sure i should be proud or sad...that's a LOT of sewing    LOL

There are 3 large spools on the left from thread for the longarm. and the smaller ones under it are from the embroidery machine. 

The tiny black and white ones on the right came from a yard sale find. they all had some thread on them but not all were full. 

All the rest are from yard sale boxes....who knows where.  i have found when i get auction boxes and thread is in there.....sometimes they are dirty. i can simply pull off the top layer of thread and expose the new clean section and use the rest. these are great for piecing quilt tops. i don't really care what color i don't see it anyway.   i have a couple hundred more spools to use up yet. 

And i have a couple hundred spools of embroidery thread....that seems to go slowly. and quite a few spools of longarm thread.....also goes slowly. 

So, who knows how many will be used by the end of the year. but i have a good start.


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It's no wonder I see you so very little. LOL

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