Friday, April 25, 2014

HSTeria .... week 1

My friend Vicki Welsh is having a quilt along with half square triangles....HST    we are to make as many as we like....the size we want....and report in on Fridays to see how we are doing.  i really don't like sewing HSTs....the corners never feed well through my machine. but i like a i dug out the AccuCut machine and my boxes of scraps and spent a few hours cutting.

So far, for this week, i have sewn together....

90 red dots .... that's all i had of that dot fabric....wish i had more. this will probably be a baby quilt.

188 light green.....i have many more of these cut out...just need to sew them together. and i have some white ones cut out also and ready to sew together. 

I am liking this block and might use it for the light greens.

I also really like this block and would like to use it for the red dot squares but i only have 90 red dots and each block takes 16 .... so i can only make 5 blocks. so i either need to find more red dot fabric....don't really want to do that. or use some white to add to it. i have a bunch of white HSTs cut out. i will probably cut more red and mix the red and whites with the red and dots. does that make sense?  I know what i'm talking about, anyway. hahahaha

Vicki put this configuration out on her blog and i like it, too. i might have to do this one for sure.

I don't know how many quilts will come of this quilt along. we are making HSTs through July....that could be thousands of them. think how much stash busting that would be. hopefully this will make a good dent in the scraps.

Thanks, Vicki, for the inspiration to go for it and make some HSTeria.


Vicki W said...

I'm going to start cutting mine tonight. I'm starting with the pretty quilt because there's less to cut for that one!

Barbara said...

I am going to try this also. I am cutting 8 at a time using a method I found on a quilting bulletin board.

shirley said... need an AccuCut machine. i cut 60 at a time....10 layers of fabric....6 on a sheet.

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