Saturday, April 19, 2014

Ebony and Ivory...part 2

When i made Ebony and Ivory

....the pattern from my friend, Mary.....i had lots of fabric left.

So, i used it to make this....Ebony and Ivory part 2

Those are simple 8 inch blocks, 4 inch blocks, and 2 inch blocks

If i were to do this again, i think i would make less large blocks and more medium blocks.

I quilted it with Key Lime can't even SEE it...since when does key lime blend in with black and white. sheesh!!

So i added a lime green binding.

Since you can't see the quilting on the is a back photo....large blocks

Medium blocks

Small blocks

All blocks quilted the same except added circle swirls in the large blocks. i thought it needed something in the middle. and feathers around the border.

A sort of brownish gray thread for the bobbin. muslin backing. maybe i should have put the key lime in the bobbin, too. it's about 82 x 90".

There was still more of this fabric there is an Ebony and Ivory part 3....still to be quilted.....soon.

Now i have to go play with some I Spy blocks.


Vicki W said...

That's lovely! You finish so many quilt. What do you do with them all?

shirley said...

Thanks, Vicki I sell them, donate them, give to friends, and keep some special ones. the fun is in the making. LOL

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