Tuesday, April 8, 2014

I Spy 4 patch

This is quilt #2 out of the to-be-quilted cabinet. it's an I Spy in a 4 patch setting.

Quilted with the baptist fan boards.

If i had been paying attention.....i would have put this homerun baseball square.....

With this peanut square....hahahaha

But the football and the money seem appropriate...they are making all the money..right?  hahaha

And, every once in a while i find another one of these little puppies....when i think i've used them all.

The border is a basketball print.

It's about 56x72....about couch cuddle size. didn't get a pic of the back....it is a pink floral.....with red and blue roses.hahahahahah   remember, i am using up what is in the studio. 

I did get the binding on it this morning.....a scrappy binding. i have rolls and rolls of pieces all sewed together....i just roll off enough for the quilt and there you go. instant binding. 

On to the next one...#3.

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