Friday, April 25, 2014

Funky I Spy

I found this pattern in an old looks kind of cute.

I picked out a bunch of little kids I Spy blocks, put 2 borders on them....and "squared" them up all crooked and funky....i made the blocks 6"

I used almost all plain fabrics since it was for a small child.

I picked 4 colors that matched the block. for instance...the monkey block (below) has blue and brown and gold and white.ipbut the blue and brown on opposite sides and the gold and white on the other sides. i didn't worry about width of fabric. 

I made the blocks over-sized so when i trimmed them down to 6", i could cut them at an angle and make them all funky. i like them that way. but some are straighter than others. Elmo is kind of straight. the fabric strips were narrower on that one.

I still need to find something to put some borders on it. i'm going to do the borders like the pattern shows. i made 56 blocks and set them 7x8.  currently it is about 40x45".  i'm figuring borders will add another 6" to each side so it will be about 52x57 when finished. give or take an inch or 2.  a good size for a  small child to drag around and play with. there are lots of animals on there to look at....all blocks are different. 

I'm going to do another....larger.....for an older child with age appropriate pictures. no matter how many scrappy quilts i do....the scraps never seem to decrease.  sigh!!

OK....i added the border on this today. so, to make it is a pic with the border...

And a closeup of the border to see the animal prints. i must have bought a lot of this....i still have over a yard left.

Now it just needs quilting.

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