Sunday, August 24, 2014

2 days at the Duck

I had to go and check on my windows....and my window the Duck.  they were special order windows and aren't in yet....another week or two.

SO, as long as i was down there....i stayed a couple days and prettied up a bit. hahaha

I hung more signs on the dining room wall.

Succotash....does anyone even eat that?  does anyone even know what it is?  the sign shows tomato, corn and beans.  i don't know......

I was only going to do fruits and veggie signs...put i saw these burger and dog signs and had to get them. they are around the corner...on the adjoining wall. hahaha   but i do have the pig sign up i guess these are ok.

The wall o'signs so far. i have to get that trim up at the top so i don't go too far with my signs. that might have to move up on the priority list. hahaha   and the corner trim. no one i know...but me....decorates walls before the room is finished. that other room that you see is the office. that is the next project.

Here is the doorway woodwork that i installed last time....and forgot to take a pic.

It is wood work that i saved during the demolition. i sanded it and painted it white. there were several layers of paint on it. i did not fill holes or patch things...i wanted it to look rough. this is the corner detail.  nothing fits together evenly because of the barn wood. those boards are all not the same thickness.

I found this yoke thing at an auction. hubby says it is called a single tree.  don't know...that sounds weird. hahaha  but i hung it above the doorway.

I had some chain to hang it with but that didn't went to the local hardware store and found something that would fit through the ends that i could hang.

It has a lovely hook in the middle and i was searching for just the right thing to hang there.

Found a cow bell that i got at an auction some time ago. Ta Da!!  hahaha

I also had a few more stars to hang, too.

Another auction find. 

I already had the rooster bottle and found 2 more to go with him.... sunflowers and pears.

These lovely plaster columns were found in another thrift store. i am going to use them for legs for my table in my office. i need to work on the office next....once i get the dining room trim finished.

I found this cute little turtle downspout thing at a thrift store. isn't it adorable? now i need some rain to see if it is sitting in the proper spot. i hope my lawn guy sees it and doesn't run over it.

After all that hanging of things.....i did manage to put a final coat of paint on the inside of the back door. i think i am done with that door now.

I also put another coat on the inside of the front door. it still needs 1 more coat after this one.  and if you check out that wall on the right.....i sanded 2 of the boards....and scraped paint off of about 7 of them. and i sanded a bit on the bottom boards, too. the ones that are gray.....that now look white on part of them. there is a whole lot of scraping and sanding to be done there yet. not looking forward to that.

And that is all that i accomplished. no actual physical labor....just playing around. it was awful hot. it has been in the high 90s out here with heat index over 100.  so, i 'worked' from about 5am till noon and called it a day. i'll make up for it when it gets a bit cooler.


Anonymous said...

Shirley, it really bugs me to admit that Jim is right about something, because I love to give him a tough time. The yoke you have is a single tree. First, imagine it behind a horse, with the center shackle attached to a wagon. The horse, mule, ox, or whatever is stationed between the other two hooks, with harness attached from them to shoulder collars.
Now, imagine extra yokes attached, side by side, to the two shackles on the same side. Horses could be hitched side by side, making the rig a double tree.

Vicki W said...

I love all of your vegetable signs and I used to love succotash until I developed allergies to the ingredients.

Dianne said...

Isn't succotash lima beans and corn?

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