Sunday, August 17, 2014

Random Rail Fence I Spy

I stole this idea...hahhaa....from Riel Nason. her blog is The Q and the

You cut 2.5 inch strips and sew them all the jelly roll challenge.  then cut them into 12.5" long strips. use 6 and make a rail fence block. turn every other one in the opposite direction.  quick and easy.

Can you find the hedgehog?

Find the knight

Where's the gingerbread cookie?

I see you?

Crayons and pencils...ready for school.

Love those NYC taxis

This is 56x68".  i put a crazy green and purple border on it. i figure some kid will have fun with it.

My next one will be more controlled...size wise....and will use the same color fabric between the I Spy pictures. ..... it's in the works.  stay tuned.

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