Thursday, August 14, 2014

Selvage Sun

I love selvage quilts. i love thinking up new patterns to use them. i've been working on this one for a few months and finally got it all pieced.

324  6" blocks. it is 110" square....and that baby is heavy.

I did the middle diamond shape first...then i added the corners. I drew it out in EQ so i would have a pattern to follow when assembling. it actually goes pretty quickly....but it was a lot of evenings sewing. 

That used a LOT of selvages....i figured 10 yards of fabric for the top layer....the selvages are overlapped 1/4".  and 7.5 yards for the foundation layer.

I was trying not to use the selvages with the white strip on it. that got to be challenging at the end. i was forced to turn the white part under....but in some instances i let it show if it was interesting.

I cut the foundation blocks 6 1/2"....and then trim them down to 6" after sewing. i use any old or ugly fabrics for the foundation that i no longer like or want.

While working on this top ..... i have a lot of smaller selvage pieces now. so, i have come up with another design to use them up. have already made a yellow strip.....3 1/2" wide and 90" long.  it will be another large one. hahaha

I am addicted to selvages.

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