Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Selling tomatoes

Our garden has an abundance of tomatoes.....large tomatoes.  i have a sign out by the gate....advertising tomatoes for 50 cents a pound. i have had several neighbors stop and buy some.  and sometimes someone is just passing by and stopped.  what a deal.

But, i have not had any customers for a few days. so, i picked a few buckets worth and made pasta sauce....10 pints.

Still...no more customers. so, what's a girl to do.  

Sell to the local grocery store....that's what.  they pay 90 cents a pound.  no contest.

This is what i picked this morning....2 buckets worth..... about 44 pounds

And here they are....a couple hours later.....at the local grocery store......at $1.99 a pound. so, where do you shop.....with me.....or go to town. seems like a no brainer to me. 

When all those cantalope get ripe.....i'll bet they will be at the local grocery store, too.

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