Saturday, August 30, 2014

Selvage I Spy Log Cabin in primary colors

Another selvage project is now a top.  this was so much fun. i put this together in a few evenings. blocks are 6".

This was a panel....with this banner as the border. wish i had more of it.....but that is all that was i made it fit the quilt top with the red border.  i had used most of the little pictures for another quilt and decided to use up the leftovers. the pictures are about 2". 

I did the log cabins in the same color as the background of the picture.

Plain selvages on the right and bottom; with the white edge on the top and left.

Sashings of red and yellow going across; blue and green up and down... alternating each.

I hope some child will have fun for hours with this.

I think i have decided to pull out all the selvage tops in the cabinet and quilt them all up.....right after i finish the quilt on the frame.....and the next customer quilt.   


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