Sunday, August 31, 2014

Mary's Stars

This is my friend, Mary's, quilt. she likes stars....and she likes feathers. so, she got both.

This was a true head scratcher for me for some reason. i agonized over it for a couple weeks. wanted something different.....but it had to be feathers. 

I did these 4 stars blocks differently than the rest because she pieced them differently. i put the CC on the outside of the star points and SID'd around the block.

All the stars got CC inside the star points, SID around the star, and a few feathers inside.

The white space is what was giving me fits. i was looking through design books to find something with a star and feathers. this is an Irena Bluhm design. it fits perfectly and Mary loves it. i had never done it before and it took a few times drawing it before i got the hang of it. there are 10 feathers on each side.....i was counting to 10 all day long.

Setting triangles got straight lines. border gave me more headaches. finally did 3 lines on either side of those paisleys in the middle...following the lines on the fabric. did lines about an inch apart on the outside and some scallops on the inside.

When i got to the corners i put more feathers to match the white space feathers.

The back was a pretty print....thread doesn't show much. i used a salmon color...Glide for the top, and Bottom Line for the bobbin. 

The good part is that Mary loves it and can't wait to get the binding on and show it off. i like it too....especially since it is now finished. hahaha

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