Tuesday, October 20, 2015

A few days at the Duck....progress

I spent several days at the Duck....and took hubby with me....for the first time in a couple years. he completed so many jobs and i felt totally inadequate.  but i am so grateful that he came and helped me out. and all i had to do was feed him. haha

Jim installed my stained glass window above the back door.
I....caulked it

back door transom.jpg

Jim attached the door to my dressing room cabinet.
I...held it up

drsn room cabinet.jpg

Jim cut my huge coffee table in half and installed it on the wall of the dressing room so i now have a bench to sit and put on shoes.
I...explained what i wanted.

drsng room bench.jpg

Jim installed a garage light for me....the old one was a 6' flourescent that didn't work. i loved using my metal shade that i found at a thrift store. someone made that thing.
I...held the flashlight

garage light.jpg

garage light close.jpg

Jim made a handrail for my back steps into the garage
I...drove him to the place to get the pipe

hand rail.jpg

Jim installed baseboards in the office
I...painted them

office baseboards being cut.jpg

office baseboards down.jpg

office baseboards painted.jpg

Jim attached my office desk to the wall for me
I...helped pick it up....and painted the pedestals

office desk.jpg

I found these colorful discs at a church rummage sale and bartered the lady down from $5 to $2.  hahahahaha   when i told her i was going to glue them to the wall .... she looked at me like i was nuts. and then just sighed and said....sure, take them. hahahahaha  i have lots left.  and i believe i am going to put some sort of graffiti on the edges of the desk....something flat and colorful.

office desk discs.jpg

And i found a leather S....i don't know why i needed it. 

leather S.jpg

And the coolest thing that Jim did...
He is fixing my pocket doors. already have them all fixed up and in the slots. fixed the wheels on the bottoms...added a piece of board to the floor inside the slots.  had to bring home the hardware to clean off a hundred years of grime and grease and will re-hang next time.
I...admired them

pocket door.jpg

So, this weekend was like....Jim - 52.....Shirley - 3     hahahaha  I am so happy he wanted to come and do a few things for me. he did much more than i had anticipated. i couldn't slow him down. but i think he is now happy to be home in his recliner.....till next time. he is already talking about the next visit...where he will....hang the pocket doors....make a door frame for the office door....and fill in a spot in the floor between the dining room and kitchen where i took a wall out.  the man can fix it all.

Oh, he also did a little window job for my sister, too. and she bought him an apple pie. he works for food. hahahaha

I did plant more flowers and put my glass flowers out.  but, Jim carried the bags of soil out there. 

glass flowers planted.jpg

glass flowers close.jpg

And, the highlight of Sunday....Sandy came to visit me....and brought graffiti goodies....and selvages....and a little frig so i will have cold water. thank you for thinking of me, Sandy. and it was great to meet you and SweetPea. 

sandy and i.jpg

My sis is working on her game room at the Beast. she recently bought an embroidery machine and made the alphabet letters....all different fonts.....and framed them all in red and hung them on a dark blue wall. it looks awesome.

cindys game room.jpg

cindys game room A.jpg

cindys game room F.jpg

And there is a whole book case of games....and another book case filling up with jigsaw puzzles.

cindys game room games.jpg

I dug out window and door trim for the dressing room and brought it home to sand and paint. and also dug out baseboards for the same room and cut them to fit. and brought them home for paint stripping, sanding and re-painting.  i have lots to do in the next couple weeks. 

But it does seem like a lot of progress is being made.  i did do a bit of sanding on the office floor. i will work on that floor and the dressing room floor as i go down there. i can get in a few more trips before it gets too cold to do anything. then there is a long wait till Spring.  sigh!!

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