Sunday, October 25, 2015

The Jesus Quilt

Thanks to Riley....she confirmed what i was thinking....cross hatching was the way to go. but i liked her idea of as wide as the blocks instead of my idea of 1".  

I don't know what that quilt pattern is called....i get several of them and i always just call them the Jesus quilt. haha  it is 45x48"


There were, i think, 3 of these star blocks....maybe 2. i just finished it and don't remember...sad.


Ten of the Jesus sayings


Three of these blocks

square in square.jpg

Back was a cream....maybe a Kona


I did the same quilting in each color....cream has pebbles, green has CC, etc.

back close.jpg

Glide chestnut and white on top; Bottom Line Silver in the bobbin

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