Sunday, October 11, 2015

Glass flowers for the Duck

I saw this idea 'somewhere'....facebook? .... pinterest?  ....  don't remember. but i thought it was cool.

so, on the hunt for glass plates and tiny bowls at the thrift store.

A little glue, a little paint, some 2x4 pieces, some rebar....and viola!

Glass flowers

glass flowers.jpg

They are rather heavy so i hope they stand up ok. if you'll remember, my house numbers are yellow, orange and red, so i made the flowers the same colors.

Yellow poker chip in the middle, glass acorns around middle, glass floral 'rocks' around edge.


Orange graffiti doodad in middle, Light Bright pieces around middle, little erasers around edge..haha....the only orange thing that i had left that i had enough of.


Red bug in the middle, Light Bright pieces around middle, glass 'rocks' around edge.


If these hold up over the winter, i shall probably make more. they were fun.

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