Thursday, October 29, 2015

Black and White Selvages

This is a quilt made with white, cream, beige, etc and black selvages. it is about 70x84. my sister wants it so it is going to her.


I started out making the blocks corner to corner

corner to corner.jpg

But that got boring quickly so i made some vertical. Even the sashings are pieced selvages.


And some horizontal or in an X pattern

horizontal and X.jpg

Tried a crazy quilt block. they are all different....and a lot with the fuzzy selvages. 

crazy quilt.jpg

The back is a muslin


I used a panto called Vanilla Orchid. I just quilted it and didn't worry if it turned the selvages one way or another. i figured....more texture. LOL

back close.jpg

And the binding is a wild black, white and red stripe.


Top thread is a Gray Glide and bottom was a Bottom Line sort of sand color.

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